Sounds of New Orleans Quintet

New Orleans Jazz

  • Tenor and soprano saxophones - Thomas Hähnlein
  • Trombone - Nils Marquardt
  • Guitar and arrangements - Hugo Fernandez
  • Doublebass - Max Leiß
  • Drums - Mathias Ruppnig

Sounds of New Orleans - Hugo Fernandez Quintet

This quintet revisits the music of New Orleans jazz composers who have been influential in shaping the unique "New Orleans sound.“ Jazz fans and musicians are familiar with the great Louis Armstrong and perhaps also with pioneering jazz pianist Jelly Roll Morton. Lesser known are New Orleans jazz composers such as: Ellis Marsalis, Alvin Batiste, James Black, Galactic, Funky Meters 

Hugo Fernández is a Mexican jazz guitarist who has settled in Berlin after more than a decade in Madrid. His musical quest has led him to build his own universe, where the rich legacy of jazz coexists with the energy of other music such as pop-rock, world folklore and classical. At the age of 23, he traveled to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. In 2003 he moved to New Orleans to study for a master's degree in jazz studies. With four albums to his credit, he has performed at venues and festivals in Mexico, Spain and is increasingly carving a niche for himself on the jazz scene in Germany and the rest of Europe. On his latest album OZEAN (Origin Records, June 2022) “his compositions appear in music with widely varied elements of folk forms, Western classical music, and even pop, informing his deep jazz sensibility. they embrace a musical world that could be a prospective vision of jazz" - Haus der Kulturen der Welt, HKW Berlin His album "Cosmogram" (Origin Records 2015) in collaboration with drummer Antonio Sanchez (was very well received by the public and received excellent reviews from Rollingstone Magazine, Jazztimes, El Pais and Downbeat Magazine, which called "Cosmogram" one of the best albums of 2015.

"His songs are generally both catchy and inventive, many of the performances evolve in unexpected directions, and the often episodic frameworks make most of the selections sound like mini-suites." – DOWNBEAT

Thomas Hähnlein is a saxophonist and composer based in Berlin. In 2018 he finished his master’s degree at the renowned Conservatorium of Amsterdam, having studied with Dick Oatts, Ben van Gelder and Jasper Blom. He is based in Berlin since and works as a sideman as well as with his own projects, f.e. "Thomas Hähnlein’s BALANCE“ & Hähnlein / Duboule / Vega.

Max Leiß war von 2009-2011 Mitglied im Bundesjazzorchester mit dem er Konzerte mit Musikern wie Mr. Mani, Steffen Schorn, Lars Möller, Geir Lysne etc. in Deutschland, Südafrika und Indien gegeben hat. Max ist außerdem Mitglied der Bands Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Eingreiftruppe, Klaus Grafs Nue Quartett, Sebastian Böhlen Trio und Alexander Bühl Sextett. Weiterhin hat er zusammengearbeitet u.a. mit John Ruocco, Johannes Enders, Jasper Blom, etc. Seit 2012 wohnt Max in Berlin und arbeitet als Freelancer. Im Frühjahr 2022 erschien das Album „Swiss Encounter“ des Max Leiß Trios, die erste Veröffentlichung unter eigenem Namen. From 2009-2011 Max Leiß was a member of the renowned Bundesjazzorchester of Germany (BuJazzO). With the BuJazzO he played tours in Germany, South Africa and India featuring artists like Mr. Mani, Ramesh Shotham, Niels Klein, Steffen Schorn, Geir Lysne. Max recorded CDs and toured as a member of the ensembles Klaus Graf Nue Quartett, Alexander Bühl Sextett, Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Eingreiftruppe, Sebastian Böhlen Trio. Besides working with these ensembles he played with artists like John Ruocco, Johannes Enders, Jasper Blom etc. Since 2012 Max lives in Berlin and works as a freelancer. In 2022 „Swiss Encounter“ by the Max Leiß Trio was published

Nils Marquardt studied classical trombone as a young student with Prof. Harry Lehmann at the HMT Rostock and afterwards, jazz trombone at the HfM Hanns Eisler with Prof. Jiggs Whigham, as well as at the Jazzinstitut Berlin with Prof. Ludwig Nuss and Prof. Malte Burba. Since then, he worked with the New European Jazz Collective, the Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble, the WDR Big Band, the Berlin Art Orchestra and solo trombonist of the Swing Dance Orchestra. Marquardt lives as a freelance musician in Berlin and is currently a member of german and international projects of various genres such as the ensemble Markus Ehrlichs Flexible Greifftruppe, the Timba Band Yuliesky Gonzalez Y Su Orquesta Cubanaché, Magetic Ghost Orchestra, German Trombon Vibration, Rotfront - Emmigrantski Raggamuffin Collective, Babylon Orchestra Berlin and the Omniversal Earkestra.

Jan Leipnitz is an outstanding drummer based in Berlin and has been working with many of the key figures in the city’s improv and modern jazz scenes. While having an early background in hardcore and heavy underground music he’s developed into a multidimensional musical organism ready to merge into any given musical situation.