Lucia Fodde Ensemble

Jazz, Swing

  • Lucia Fodde, vocals (ITA)
  • Yuriy Seredin, piano (UA)
  • Giacomo Tagliavia, bass (ITA)
  • Jesus Vega, drums (USA)

Lucia Fodde vocalist, songwriter, and producer was born in Sardinia. Her passion for music began as a child with piano lessons and singing in the church choir.  She was greatly influenced by her father's collection of vinyl records that introduced her to jazz. She later studied “vocal jazz performance” at the the prestigious Conservatory of Music in Cagliari.

To date, Lucia has performed in numerous top international venues and festivals, sharing the stage and participating in masterclasses with music luminaries such as Sheila Jordan and Rachel Gould, etc., and having sung as a leader in jazz ensembles, ranging from trios to quintets, with numerous Italian and international artists.

Passionate both as a songwriter and as a vocalist, Lucia moved to Berlin in 2013, where she became part of the local jazz scene, intensifying her concert activity by performing in many of Germany's most important venues and producing several albums and singles with international artists from Berlin's jazz scene.

Lucia is among the Italian jazz artists who mix contemporary and traditional jazz rhythms with innovative melody and harmony. She is well known for her rhythmic feeling, her melodic sensibility and her scat singing. Mixing traditional, contemporary and Brazilian jazz forms with Italian, English and Portuguese lyrics all done with an easy virtuosity, Lucia Fodde achieves a unique and emotionally rewarding musical experience.