Ryo Hatakeyama and Yuko Yoshida Duo

Jazz, Funk

  • Yuko Yoshida (Piano)
  • Ryo Hatakeyama (Bass)

As a duo, Ryo Hatakeyama and Yuko Yoshida have been performing for more than thirteen years, with styles ranging from jazz to funk. They not only perform their original music, but also uphold the tradition of jazz from the swing era to contemporary, as well as being inspired by music from other genres.

Having collaborated for almost ten years, their chemistry is perfect and their performances are always full of good vibes and grooves, with a magical touch. They have played  in France in 2014 and have been playing in many festivals, including the Europa Fest in Romania, Kobe Jazz Street, Takatsuki Jazz Street, and Kadoma Jazz Street.

Yuko Yoshida 
Pianist, Composer, & Arranger 
Yuko was born in Osaka, Japan and began playing the electronic organ at the age of 3.  After graduating from high school, she attended the Yamaha Music School  to pursue her music interest. While there, she received formal training in areas such as  musical theory,harmony, rhythm training, ensemble, and musical composition She also gained exposure to various styles of music including Jazz, Classics, Pops, R&B and Latin. 
 Subsequently, after graduating she switched to the acoustic piano Through her work as a performer in a contemporary music band and as a composer  she became drawn to live jazz music and started pursuing this further 
 In 2009 was tutored by Jason Moran in New York City she played in Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2012 as a semi-finalist  and her trio was placed in 2nd place in the Kanazawa Jazz Competition 2013 
 In 2014, Yuko has released her 1st album, Tickle from Forward Record This album recieved a review from a music magazine,"Jazz Hihyo". She played in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka as "Tickle" release tour.  In addition, she played in France and Korea and have received a great success. 
 In 2015, her composition,  "Tickle" was picked up as a semi-finalist in International Songwriting Competition. 
 Currently, Yuko performs around the Kansai area in Japan with her group,  Yuko Yoshida Trio, Yuko Yoshida Quartet and also in collaboration with others  She wishes to explore the beauty and joyfulness of music as well as exploring her own style of music 

Ryo Hatakeyama 
Bassist & Composer 
Ryo started his music career as an electric bassist, and subsequently  enrolled at the Koyo Conservatory in 1996 to receive formal training.  During his time there, he was exposed to various types of music and this spawned  his interest in jazz, causing him to switch to the acoustic bass at the age of 20. In 1999, he successfully obtained a scholarship and entered the  Berklee College of Music, where he received tuition from Ron Mahdi, John Lockwood, Dave Hollender, and Jim Stinnett.  He also performed in venues around the greater Boston area.  After graduating from Berklee in 2002, he returned to Japan to pursue his music career. In 2007-2009, was tutored by Rodney Whitaker.  He has performed in various venues and festivals in and around Japan,  including the Taipei International Jazz Festival in Taiwan, Europa Fest in Romania, Tokushima Jazz Street, Takatsuki Jazz Street, Kanazawa Jazz Street, Minami Jazz Walk, Osaka Bluenote and in France.  He has played with Benny Green, Craig Handy, John Pizarreli, Makoto Ozone, Chihiro Yamanaka, Dairo Suga, Makoto Kuriya, Kalta Ootsuki to name a few.