Andreas Hellkvist Trio


  • Andreas Hellkvist (Hammond-Orgel)
  • Samuel Hällkvist (Gitarre)
  • Daniel Olsson (Drums)

This trio is both new and old. Andreas Hellkvist, Samuel Hällkvist and Daniel Olsson have a rich history together, but haven’t been playing together much the last couple of years. With the recording of Andreas’ solo album “Finally!”, this group has entered a new phase in its existence.

Andreas and Samuel grew up not too far from each other the county of Dalarna in the middle of Sweden. They got to know each other at the local jazz venue and shortly thereafter started a trio together. Their first gig was on the Swedish national day June 6th 1998. Daniel joined the group a few years later.

Based around the compositions of Andreas, this trio explores various forms of the jazz idiom. The format is the classical organ-guitar-drums, though, the sound is mostly not that of a “typical” organ jazz trio.

Over the years, Andreas has earned a reputation as an organist always in the moment and with an outstanding technique. At concerts and on youtube videos, those who see him in action are simply amazed by the expressiveness, virtousity and devotion to the music. His pedal playing is also quite rare, showing off a coordination above most.

Samuel Hällkvist is a jazz guitarist who has never been afraid of following his own path. A jazz musician with an integrity and confidence to dare to challange norms and traditions, though also not afraid of sticking to them if the music demands it. He was the last one to achieve the prestigious “Jazz in Sweden” award 2010, and has produced and played on a number of albums, several of which has some very interesting international collaborations.

Daniel Olsson is a versatile drummer, comfortable in most musical contexts. That makes him the ideal drummer in this group, since the music spans quite a wide spectrum, from hard swinging jazz and funky beats to ballads. With a great deal of spontaeity and a solid groove he completes the trio in the best possible way.

On Andreas’ album “Finally!” Samuel plays on three tracks, the diversity of which to a great extent represent the variety of grooves and sounds of this group. In the left column there are some songs you can listen to.